Cagliari Tourist Attractions

Cagliari is one of the clean and green Italian cities situated on the island of Sardinia. Every town inhabitant is privileged enough to freely access the 87.5 square meters of public gardens and parks.

Cagliari is also known for its rich culture, history, and tradition from the Neolithic era until modern times. Out of curiosity, this brought local and foreign tourists to the place.

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Here are some of our recommendations for Cagliari's must-try and must-visit attractions.

Cagliari: Underground City and Optional Old Town Walking Tour

Discover the secrets underneath the concrete streets of Cagliari on this guided tour. Enhance your experience with an optional walking tour through the Old Historic Town, and choose from the private and shared groups.

Meet your local guide as you begin your tour through the caves, crypts, and tunnels under the city. Wander between the districts of Stampace and Marina. Visit a private tunnel shelter beneath a school used as a bomb shelter during World War II. Explore the glorious and magnificent history of the crypt of Saint Restituta.

Select the option including a guided walking tour of the Old Town to extend and complete your experience. Stroll through the city's streets and admire the highlights of the historic center with your guide.

From Cagliari: Full-day Villasimius Beaches Tour

Leave from the center of Cagliari and head towards the coast road that will take us to Villasimius.

We will also see the famous Devil's Saddle and pink flamingos in the Molentargius Lagoon.

Continuing, we can admire breathtaking views and take unique photos.

Visit two completely different beaches, swim in the crystal clear waters of Sardinia, enjoy snorkeling, and meet a school of fish in the protected marine area.

You can walk on the soft sand or among the white granite rocks surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub.

We return to Cagliari at 3 pm after a relaxing excursion to the eastern beaches of Sardinia.

Cagliari: The Devil's Saddle Kayak Tour

Begin your kayaking adventure in Marina Piccola. Get into a comfortable kayak and paddle through the Devil's Saddle for easy access. Listen as your local guide tells you how the rocks in the area were formed.

Professional instructors will show you the basics of kayak paddling and feel at ease with a life jacket and waterproof bag.

This kayak excursion lasts about 3 hours, including several stops to admire the area's beautiful caves, cliffs, and wildlife.

Cagliari: Walking Tour of the Old City

Unveil the beautiful Cagliari on this memorable walking tour of the Old Historical Town.

Cagliari is an old city with a rich history from the New Stone Age or the Neolithic period until Modern Times.

Its origins also date back to the Phoenician Karalis, developed on a settlement traced back to the third millennium BCE.

During Roman times, Cagliari became the island's capital. During the Middle Ages, the city was the seat of different foreign dominations; the evidence is still visible throughout the town.

Enjoy walking through the narrow streets of Castello's old district to discover the city's budding beauties.

You will find the history of this vital fortress facing the sea among Medieval Towers, Bastions, the Royal Palace, and the Cathedral.

The panoramic points of the Castello will offer unforgettable views of the city and the sea, of Molentargius' Park, and the Devil's Saddle in all their beauty.

Cagliari: Southwest Chia and Teulada Group Boat Tour

On this tour aboard an inflatable boat, visit the hidden inlets of Chia and Teulada on the beautiful southern coast of Sardinia. Explore the coves and beaches twice named the most beautiful in Italy.

Traveling from the beach at Chia to Teulada, make several stops in between and enjoy different itineraries depending on the weather.

Dive into the shimmering, crystal-clear blue color of the waters of Chia. Marvel at the peach-colored sand that complements the stunning water and the lush green juniper trees scattered among the dunes.

Look out for some sea creatures and closely encounter the dolphins doing their magnificent stunts. Observe colonies of seagulls, cormorants, flamingos, colorful fish, and sea turtles laying their eggs on the most secluded beaches.

One of the coves you'll visit is Cala Cipolla (depending on the itinerary). From here, be amazed by the lighthouse of Capo Spartivento. This cove is among the best places to snorkel in South Sardinia.

Sail to Cape Teulada and Cala Zafferano to get perfect views of the natural landscapes (this is a military zone, and you can only swim around the boat).

Throughout your experience and adventure at Chia and Teulada, listen to the stories, history, and tales of the place from your local guide and enjoy a personalized moment with yourself.

Here is the standard itinerary departing from Chia (with calm sea and normal wind/weather conditions): Caletta del morto, Campana, Su Giudeu, Cala Cipolla, Capo Spartivento, Perdalonga, Tuerredda, Capo Malfatano, Piscinnì, Isola Rossa, Porto Scudo, and Cala Zafferano.

Wine Tour Sardinia

Join a group and experience an unforgettable excursion to discover the wine and wineries of Cagliari, two essential elements of the Sardinian identity since the first centuries of its history.

The ancient plant's role is deep-rooted in this land's culture of wide grape varieties such as Bovale, Cannonau, Carignano, Monica, Moscato, Malvasia, Nuragus, Nasco, Vermentino, Vernaccia, and many more.

This package tour will allow you to live a first-hand experience immersed in the vineyards and the area's wineries, where you will learn the peculiarities of the Sardinian wine grapes.

The tour includes visiting an old and traditional winery surrounded by sweet hills and rural landscapes.

This tour will also teach you about the different production stages and discover the various grapefruits. The dedicated people are selflessly giving their time and skills to this labor, especially the grape growing with so much passion.

The visit to the winery and grape yard is only the first step. Next is to taste the local wines of Cagliari. Be captivated by a friendly atmosphere and taste three excellent wines with local food products.

Cagliari: Old Town E-Bike Tour

Your eBike tour will start by visiting the historic districts of Cagliari, going up and down the city hills without fatigue, thanks to pedal assistance.

In this package bike tour, you will also discover the neighborhoods of Stampace, Castello, Villanova, and Marina. You will stop at the fascinating monuments that tell a thousand-year history and the panoramic points where the view leaves you breathless.

Throughout the tour, you will be accompanied by an expert guide in Cultural tourism to discover the breathtaking scenery and the fascinating narrow streets that this city hides.

I will make you live a unique experience that will allow you to bring home a bit of this magical region.

Cagliari: Quad Adventure Experience from Chia

Live and enjoy a memorable day while having fun with nature on a quad adventure under the guidance of an expert tour escort.

Traverse and cross pristine beaches and dirt paths, and admire breathtaking views onboard your quad.

Upon arrival, you'll be given an orientation and complete details on handling the quad. Before the tour, the guide will provide all safety equipment for the quad adventure.

First, you will take a short trip to establish your confidence, and then go on a fantastic ride.

Enjoy an authentic, thrilling, exciting, and dynamic off-road experience on the powerful quads for two to three hours, depending on your choice.

Drive through nature's twists and turns among the vegetable field and rocky grounds reformed by time and discover rare species along the road. Go and enjoy taking unique itineraries in this thrilling package adventure.

Your local guide is more than grateful and happy to make the tour as exciting and personal as possible.

The guide will also assist you with his expertise and share exciting anecdotes before returning to your base camp.

Cagliari: Two-Hour Bike Tour in the Flamingo Oasis

Leave the Marina of Cagliari to see the Basilica of Bonaria with its grand stairway.

You will have to pass through the new bike lane that runs along the sea and river until you set foot in the football stadium of Cagliari.

Be amazed by the urban art beneath the river's bridges that thoroughly describes the area.

Upon arrival at the Natural Park of Molentargius, have yourself soaked in the history of the ruins of the old salt city, which influenced the area's economy for centuries.

Dive into a nature trail to see the beautiful flamingos and discover the old salt ponds of Cagliari. The Park is an exceptional area due to the presence of fresh and saltwater basins that host plants and animals of rare beauty. The tour includes a coffè break to enjoy the sea and the pretty harbor.

Cagliari: Molentargius Natural Park Segway Tour With Coffee

By this tour, departing from the Port of Cagliari, you will travel through the new bike path along the channel "Palafitta" and then into the Park. From here, you will soak into history.

Be amazed and admire the remains of the Old City of Salt, which has characterized the economic area for centuries. Finally, dive into a nature trail during which it won't be challenging to see the beautiful flamingos.

The Park is an exceptional area due to the presence of fresh and saltwater basins that gives life to plants and animals of rare beauty, including the beautiful pink flamingos. You will take a pleasant cafe break in the Park in the middle of the tour.

Cagliari: Su Nuraxi Barumini and Giara Wild Half-day Tour

Unveil the secret of Nuraghe in Sardinia on this four-hour package tour in the Su Nuraxi di Barumini.

They claimed to have the best example of a unique defense system that effectively responds to political and social conditions.

In this prehistoric era, they also applied new ways of using materials and strategic techniques in terms of governing their people.

UNESCO recognizes the island for its historical significance, and the site provides a great introduction to the origins of Sardinian culture.

During the tour, explore the vast and bulky profound monuments inside many tholoi of magnificent beauty.

Explore the huge central tower, built from large dressed stones without using mortar.

The tower consists of three chambers, one upon the other; a spiral staircase connects them. Listen and learn the historical facts about the construction of this great site, including the massive stone curtain wall that connects four outlying towers.

If time permits, it will also be possible to include in the package tour a typical yet delicious Sardinian lunch in one of the nearby restaurants.

Alternatively, bring food for a picnic to enjoy in the Giara of Gesturi, where the miniature wild horses of Sardinia run free.

Nora Tour From Cagliari

Upon meeting your driver:

  • Begin the tour from the central Piazza Matteotti.
  • Proceed and continue the journey along the Lagoon of Santa Gilla, passing by the salt flats.
  • Admire and capture the elegant pink flamingos which have made Sardinia their habitat for a long time.

Arrive on the small peninsula of Pula, walk along the beautiful beach, and admire the little church of Saint Efisio. This glorious martyr dates back to the 11th century.

Enter the marvelous remains of Nora and learn about its history as an ancient Nuragic, Phoenician, Punic, and finally, Roman city.

Visit the Spanish Tower of Coltellazzo, which rises from the end of the headland, and learn about the Spanish conquest and their military organization. Finish the tour in Cagliari.

Sardinia: San Pietro Island Carloforte Tour

This package tour includes a hotel pick-up in the Domus de Maria and Chia area south of Sardinia. Then, take a short scenic drive to Calasetta. Upon arriving at the port, board a ferry going to San Pietro.

Get a chance to stop and plunge into the sea. Take some souvenir photos of the fantastic landscape, and capture the moment from the picturesque beaches to the steep, dramatic cliffs and rock formations.

The island boasts a hilly side formed by a series of volcanic activity and typical Mediterranean blooming flora of juniper and pine trees.

Take a visit to the historical center of Carloforte, founded in the 18th century by around 30 coral fishers from Genoa families.

Learn more about the local traditions of the place and get the chance to encounter dolphins and other wildlife creatures, including native falcons.

Cagliari: Half-day Coasteering Experience

Clamber over rocks and walk the rugged rocky coast of Chia on a unique coasteering adventure.

Experience the shoreline from a different perspective and get the chance to dive from high points into the refreshing Mediterranean Sea.

Start at Pinus Village Beach, where qualified instructors will provide you with all the necessary equipment.

Walk through the Mediterranean scrub until you get to the best popular points to build a cableway and dive into the island's crystal clear waters.

Benefit from this itinerary tour that is a hundred percent safe for all beginners.

Cagliari: Private or Small Group Fishing Trip Experience

Sail from the new harbor in Teulada and cruise towards the captivating capes of Cala Zafferano, Capo Teulada, and Capo Malfatano on the southern coast of Sardinia.

Take a panoramic view of the impressive rocky cliffs and golden sand beaches along the journey.

Cool your body and plunge into the island's cold, crystal-clear waters. Get the chance to learn fishing from the experts. Practice throwing fishing nets, and get the opportunity to have a close encounter with friendly dolphins that come up close as they swim in the crystal clear water. Learn more about the other marine life in the Sardinia deep sea.

Enjoy a tasty and sumptuous lunch of freshly caught fish aboard the boat before sailing back to the port of Teulada in the afternoon.

Top Sights of the Cagliari Tour

Take this package tour and visit the historic districts of Cagliari, known to be rich in culture and history.

Start your day with a walking tour for about one to two hours from the lower part of Cagliari up to its higher points or vice versa.

Visit all the historical monuments, antique churches, and most significant spots, like the Crypt of Santa Restituta and Sant'Efisio, the Dome of Cagliari, and other small churches. Do not forget the Pisan Walls and Towers.

As the tour is about to end, visit Santa Chiara's Food Market, where you can taste delectable native Sardinian wines and cheese.

Upon request, you can also visit Poetto Beach and the picturesque San Benedetto's Market. In this case, your city center walking tour will be shortened.

This walking tour can also be arranged as an itinerary by car, as a stop-and-go tour if you prefer not to walk. In this case, it won't be possible to visit the monuments inside, just to stop in front of them to take some photos.

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